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What is Cold Sales Email and How Does It Work?

In marketing terminologies, ‘cold’ is generally used to describe an instance where a company representative or a sales person contacts a person with who he/she has no prior contact and tries to sell them products or services. The methods may vary; we have cold emails, cold mails and cold calls. While cold calls and cold mails are somewhat successful in attracting their attention because the salesperson gets into direct contact with them, cold email is somewhat hard because people receive a lot of emails every day, and most of these go unread.

How Does Cold Email Outreach Work?

When people sign up for newsletters or register on websites, these websites often share their email addresses to their partner businesses. A company that deals in cold sales email or a business opting for cold email outreach typically reach out to such companies where email addresses are registered and obtains them. Then they send marketing content to those email addresses and expect that some of them reply back or get in touch with the company for further business. The emails are carefully crafted so that they entice the attention of those to whom the emails are sent.

Does it Actually Work?

Yes and no. Cold emails are unpredictable, so it is up to the company to send it to relevant people who might actually show an interest. A major way to attract their attention would be to write their sales pitch in clear, concise words complete with relevant offers, if any. No one wants to read a long email, so it must be short and informative. Addition of graphics and pictures is also a must to give them an idea of the company’s professionalism.

A major roadblock for cold emails is that many of them are caught in the spam filters of major email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook. 95% of people don’t ever look at their spam folder or delete it all completely without checking anything, resulting in loss of even genuine emails that are not spam. Hence, it is important to craft a handmade email instead of relying on an auto generated email in order to avoid spam filters. Companies also have to research on which keywords to avoid to successfully get their emails into the recipient’s inbox.

State of Cold Emails Today

While cold emails were huge in the early days of email, they are not as effective today as they were back then. However, that does not mean they are useless; they can be a big factor in generating leads if done professionally and done right. For that, is advisable to contact a company that specializes in high quality cold email outreach for better results.

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