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Relevance of Direct Mail Marketing in Digital Age

As advertisements move completely online, direct mail is often seen as a marketing technique of a bygone era. This is completely valid, as direct mail marketing is quite possibly the very first way of marketing employed centuries ago when the very first record of marketing came into existence. But B2B direct mail marketing and direct mail marketing services are often put at the end of priorities when chalking up ways to market a product or service because internet has made everything so much easier.


  • Direct Mail Marketing Today

But direct mail marketing is not dead yet; in fact, in the age of internet, direct mail marketing is considered as a niche category, which gives it an aspect of uniqueness unlike any other way of marketing. Literally everyone we know receives countless emails, and have seen countless ads, whether it is on search engine results, YouTube, social media or even email with ads in them. We are so engrossed in this world of digital marketing, that something out of ordinary makes us pay more attention to it. Something out of ordinary, like direct mail marketing.


  • What is Direct Mail Marketing?

The definition of direct mail marketing has been partly lost due to advancements in the way businesses market their products, however it can be simply said as sending a physical mail to a business (for B2B marketing) or an individual (for B2C marketing). The mails are send directly to their physical addresses, whether it is the office address or personal address. These mails may consist of a postcard, letter, pamphlet, booklet or a promotional gift with details of the products or services they are selling.


Customers targeted towards direct mail marketing are selected on the basis of their interest in form of cold leads. For example, a company selling baby products will target families with expectant mothers and families with babies and toddlers. A company selling shoes will target all houses in an area or most of them, as everyone needs shoes regardless of their age or gender.


  • Why Will Direct Mail Work in Today’s Age?

Not many people receive mails nowadays, at least items that they haven’t ordered themselves. Everyone is so used to getting bombarded with online ads and emails that receiving a direct mail is surprising for many, and in a good way. Direct mails don’t violate the privacy of customers involved as they don’t follow them around like internet ads do.


Another benefit is that direct mail marketing will offer higher return rates, as the individual or business whom the direct mail has been sent is more likely to call back for further enquiry. That is because unlike online ads, customers actually take time to go through the mail and its contents. Plus, it is very likely that that business will be the only one of its kind sending out direct mails while competitors use online ads and SEO, making that business stand out in the crowd and offering a bigger picture to the potential customer.

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